Updated June 2020

As a leading UK provider of wealth management and employee benefits, with 11 offices and over 600 staff around the country, Mattioli Woods is closely monitoring the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to protect our staff, their families and ensure that we continue to support our clients and partners.

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We take the well-being of our staff very seriously and are providing regular updates to them as this pandemic continues to develop.

We have seamlessly moved staff to homeworking and for the small number that are required to work in one of our offices, we are providing all the safety equipment necessary and ensuring they take all precautions to ensure their safety.

We remain open for business

Our Business Continuity Team meet virtually and have minimised any disruption and impact on our operations by:

  • Closely following the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK government in order to monitor the status of the virus and assess risks to our people, our clients and our business
  • Follow the guidance issued by local councils to ensure the safety of our staff, their families and the local community, such as in Leicester where lockdown rules will not be lifted as quickly as elsewhere in the country
  • Closing our offices, except for essential members of the team that cannot conduct their role remotely
  • Enabling staff to work from home and advise clients remotely
  • Our advisers are still available and working effectively in a virtual environment
  • The move to working from home remotely has been seamless and reflects the investment the business has made in infrastructure and IT
  • Planning is currently underway to create team rotas to enable social distancing as people wish to return to the office environment and as the government relaxes restrictions, this will reduce the risk to our client teams

Our infrastructure and swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic has put us in a strong position to minimise our exposure to the potential impacts of the Coronavirus. But we are not complacent and continue to monitor the situation.

Continuing to communicate

In a technology enabled business, it has been easy to transition to a virtual environment and have avoided face-to-face meetings. These have been replaced by video calls, webinars, telephone calls and online updates.

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