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A company boss was among the guests as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle undertook their first official duties as husband and wife.

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Ian Mattioli, chief executive of Mattioli Woods plc, and daughter Laura attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace hosted by Harry’s father, the Prince of Wales.

The royal couple – now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – were at the event just days after their wedding at Windsor Castle.

Ian and Laura, 30, were invited as members of the Atlantic Salmon Trust – an Edinburgh-based charity concerned with salmon conservation in the UK. Prince Charles is its patron.

They were joined by representatives of other organisations with whom the Prince of Wales has connections, including the Prince’s Trust, Parachute Regimental Association, the Royal Ballet and Breast Cancer Now (BCN).

Mattioli Woods is a national partner of BCN and has so far raised more £200,000 for its work on breast cancer research.

In the sun-drenched grounds Laura - who also works for the wealth management and employee benefits specialist company - chatted with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Ian said: “Camilla was interested to learn that Laura was involved in salmon fishing and conservation, as it is often seen very much as a male preserve.

“I think she was pleasantly surprised. She came across as a very warm, lovely person”.

Prince Harry paid a moving tribute to his father’s charity work over four decades, pausing only when a bee flew close to his ear.

“Meghan found that highly amusing,” said Ian. “But Harry soon regained his composure and went on to give a lovely speech.

“It was a real honour for Laura and I to be invited and a pleasure to be among so many amazing people from different walks of life”.

The event – part of the celebrations for Charles’ 70th birthday – came 12 months after he awarded Ian and fellow co-founder Bob Woods MBEs in a ceremony also held at Buckingham Palace.

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