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Nine Mattioli Woods workmates are recovering yet celebrating after successfully completing a gruelling challenge for charity.

4 minutes
TwentyTwenty challenge

Taking to the Leicestershire countryside on 29 September, the Potential Pensioners, made up of CRMs Rory Chandler, Kyle Morrish, Jai Patel, Eoin Greenwood and Custodian accountant Jeremy Wilson, alongside the Practically Pensioners (chief operating officer Mark Smith, client operations director Alan Cowan, CRM Nicole Johnson and section manager Patrick Sanderson) took on the 16-mile cycle, one-mile canoe row and 10-mile walk/run TwentyTwenty challenge, all the while raising money for the Leicester-based organisation, which supports disadvantaged and disengaged young people to help them gain employment and achieve independent living.

Completing the challenge with just one minute between them, both teams – competing against 17 others – have raised a fantastic amount of money, with donations still rolling in.

"I still can’t quite believe we did it and I am incredibly proud of everyone in both teams," said Alan. "We’ve raised £1,365 so far – well ahead of our target of £1,000 – and it was fun, except for the kayaking, which I will never, ever go anywhere near again.

TwentyTwenty challenge

"In the bike stage, the Practically Pensioners wiped the floor with the apprentices, beating them by 18 minutes – a considerable surprise,” he said. “However, they caught up with us on the walk and kayaking and overall beat us by just one minute. But the nice thing was on the walk both teams walked the majority of the route together and it was great having the two teams as one, crossing the line together.

"Having said all that – I am not doing it next year!"

TwentyTwenty challenge

"The muscles are still feeling the after effects," said Patrick. "There are definitely some memorable moments – I, for example, fell off the bike twice while it wasn’t moving, and I have the grazed knees to prove it!

"In the kayaking, meanwhile – undoubtedly the lowest point of the whole challenge – Nicole and I seemed incapable of kayaking in a straight line to save our lives; we must have travelled twice the distance than what was actually required!

"The fact both teams joined together and walked the final sections of the challenge together was brilliant, but my absolute favourite moment was when my daughter Tegan ran over to me as we approached the finish line for a hug before insisting we ran together over the finish line."

Lots of fun

"It was a really great event and would definitely recommend it to anyone," said Nicole. "I thoroughly enjoyed it and would have even more if I wasn’t struck down with the flu only a couple of days before!"

You can still donate to both teams' efforts – head to the Practically Pensioners and Potential Pensioners pages to do so. For more information on TwentyTwenty, meanwhile, head to its website.

Well done all!

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