Mattioli Woods PLC - Financial Planning Newsletter

Introduction What’s inside 03 Introduction 04 Risky business The first in our new three-part series regarding Anita and Brad starts today! 06 Building blocks for pensions 09 Protecting our children - part one You need more than sunscreen to protect your kids this summer. Nathan Smith looks at childhood pensions, JISAs, university/school fees and more. 10 Celebrating 30 years We caught up with Ian and Bob to discuss their 30 years in business! 15 Protecting our children - part two 16 Second homes Holiday homes, should you invest? 18 Pension Freedoms at what price? Welcome to our summer edition. At the time of writing the country is building up to allow more overseas travel while millions of families are planning staycations. With this in mind we have implemented a ‘summer holiday’ feel to our newsletter. Retirement is an issue facing all of us so Kieran Mehngar discusses the building blocks for pensions including how you should be contributing to your retirement. Elsewhere, Matthew O’Hara discusses the increase in second homes being purchased and whether or not this could be a good investment. We also have the first in a trilogy of articles regarding fictional couple Anita and Brad. Through this series we will be looking at where they are in their lives and what types of financial planning they should be looking at. The first, Risky business – the business protection gap, is by Glen Marshall and we are sure you will find parallels to your own lives. Finally, as many of you are aware Mattioli Woods is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We sat down with Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods and spoke to them on how they started out, what has changed and whether they had any regrets. We hope you all enjoy your summer holidays, whatever you are doing.