Allison Chambers

About Allison

I have been advising business owners on the various uses for Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS) for almost 20 years, providing an administration and compliance service for the day-to-day operations of SSAS. 

I began specialising in the self-managed pension area in 1996 while working at PwC. During my 13 years at PwC I led the Self-Managed Pension Scheme National Centre of Excellence for the UK firm.  I left in 2009 to establish SSAS Solutions (UK) Limited with Michael Galway. 

I obtained my professional qualifications and practiced as an FCA regulated financial adviser both prior and during my time with PwC. The skills and technical knowledge gained in this area, while advising business owners on both their corporate and personal financial planning needs, compliment my current skill set – where the objectives of the business owner, their family members and their ‘corporate’ regularly overlap.

I specialise in the use of SSAS to acquire commercial property and land and have been involved in a significant number of property transactions. As a result of the difficulties experienced by many SMEs in obtaining bank finance throughout the last 7 years many of my clients have looked to their pension fund as a source of funding.  I have also been very active around the use of the SSAS ‘loanback’ facility to assist with business expansion, bank debt reduction or the ‘buy back’ of discounted assets from a third party debt book.

In March 2019 we merged to become part of the Mattioli Woods family where we will continue to focus on high-net-worth clients and integrating their financial planning and asset management needs.

Being part of the Mattioli Woods group provides us with an additional resource and group support to enable the business to grow while still maintaining our strong client values, which also mirror those of Mattioli Woods.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy long walks in the park with my dog Radley. 

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