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    Our values

    Our overriding passion is to deliver the best possible outcomes for the people who trust us to look after their wealth and their employee benefits. It is a responsibility we feel privileged to shoulder, whether that be through pensions, investments, or new innovations.

    Our Values

    A word from our CEO…

    “Hello, my name is Ian Mattioli and I’m CEO and co-founder of Mattioli Woods. An AIM-listed company that started life over 30 years ago in a converted garage at my home in Leicester, we now employ more than 900 people at several locations across the UK.

    Of course, all this represents a sea of change from our humble beginnings; when Bob Woods and I decided to give up secure jobs to go-it-alone in an industry where we felt bad practice was rife and clients were being short-changed.

    If you like, we wanted to challenge the status quo. We were disruptors, seeing what was wrong and wanting to make a difference. In some quarters, that made us unpopular. Yet, we knew what was right.

    Today, as back then, our overriding passion is to deliver the best possible outcomes for the people who trust us to look after their wealth. It is a responsibility we feel privileged to shoulder, whether that be through pensions, investments, or new innovations.

    Innovation has been crucial to the Mattioli Woods success story and remains paramount to our future progress and prosperity. However, moving with the times doesn’t mean we’ve forsaken the values and virtues that have served us so well through the years.

    Indeed, many of the original investors from our days back in the garage are still with us and, at last count, our client satisfaction rate was sitting at more than 99 per cent.

    Today, we look after more than 11,000 investors across the wealth management and employee benefits spectrums, while we have over £15 billion of assets under management, administration and advice. We continue to look to grow the business, both organically and – where the fit is right – through acquisition.

    The group takes seriously its moral and social responsibilities too, particularly in the communities it serves. You can read more about our involvement with national and local charity support here.

    We are also big supporters of sport and, among others, have engaged in sponsorship of Leicester Tigers Rugby Club and world record-holding wheelchair racer Sammi Kinghorn, whose career we have backed from its infancy.

    All of this makes me extremely proud to lead such a dynamic 21st century financial services business.”

    Our mission

    To provide the best wealth management and employee benefit outcomes for our clients.

    Our vision

    To create a sustainable business that delivers financial expertise with integrity and passion, enabling our clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities to achieve their goals.

    Our culture

    Fair, Fun, Rewarding. Our culture is based on professionalism, putting clients first and adopting a collegiate approach. Retaining the integrity, expertise and passion of our people continues to be a priority coupled with a strong compliance culture focused on delivering positive customer outcomes.

    At Mattioli Woods…

    We enjoy delivering great outcomes for our clients

    We share our knowledge and ideas profitably, inside and outside the business

    We understand and anticipate our clients’ needs, some of which they may not realise they have

    We invest in our people, building our technical expertise and our capacity to grow

    We are simultaneously efficient, knowledgeable, ambitious and innovative

    We seek to take advantage of positive and negative circumstances, recognising that our markets change, evolve and sometimes surprise

    We are professional and have a great standing among our peers/investors because we have integrity, expertise and a great track record

    We are a trusted adviser and provider, creating, developing and managing our own products where they are best for clients and we outsource when others do that better

    We love doing business tomorrow with people we do not know today

    We treasure all our communities supporting local and national good causes and our people