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Within asset management, we use a broad range of investment fund managers, from large well-known investment houses to small, boutique firms. We also design and build our own focused funds, ensuring high quality diversified portfolios.

Your portfolio will be managed on a day-to-day basis by our asset management team. This service is designed to reflect how the investment world continues to evolve rapidly, with the team working to ensure clients maintain a suitably balanced and diversified portfolio capable of anticipating fast-moving markets.

We provide several investment options including structured products, trustee services, investment in property, portfolio management, loanbacks and Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).  For more information regarding the services we provide see below.

Investment Line
Investment Line

Investment Line is a regular investment bulletin produced by Mattioli Woods plc. The communication provides an update on funds, highlights some of the areas we are focusing on, and shares our thoughts on the issues of the day.

Read the latest Investment Line Market Update here.

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