Financial wellbeing

It is no surprise that financial wellbeing is very closely linked to mental wellbeing. If your employees have money worries, they are likely to suffer from disturbed sleep patterns, relationship issues and poor concentration.

People with poor financial wellbeing can experience mental health issues. Unfortunately, people with poor mental health tend to make poor financial decisions...

That can lead to a vicious downward spiral. But breaking the cycle – or stopping it in the first place – is easier, if you equip your employees with the appropriate skillsets. Mattioli Woods can give your organisation the tools to do that.

We are driven to improve your employees’ financial wellbeing and use a portfolio of financial education packages designed specifically to provide them with the skills to take control of their money. If we can improve their financial decision-making, there is every reason to think they can improve their financial outcomes.

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Financial wellbeing and planning retirement
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