Group income protection

We can all fall ill, 2020 told us that, or suffer a serious accident and providing your employees with an income while they are absent from work can bridge a difficult gap for them. And it is one of the key benefits offered by group income protection.  

Income protection does not stop there, though. Supporting employees on their journey back to the workplace is also a significant part of the benefit offering, with access to employee assistance programmes and counselling.

By providing employees with the tools to ensure they are financially and mentally supported while they are unwell, many employers find the provision of an income protection benefit ultimately results in a speedier return to work.

Early intervention support included with income protection also extends to the employer, helping you to explore how to support your employee’s return to work. Mattioli Woods can support you and your employees to ensure any claim goes as smoothly as possible and highlight the resources available to you and your employees from your benefit offering.

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