Shareholder protection/key-person protection

Would your business survive the untimely loss of a key individual? Would the loss of a business owner allow for the true value of their share to be passed to their loved ones? Could business continuity be maintained through the short and medium terms?

Mattioli Woods specialises in helping business owners identify and mitigate the many continuity and succession planning risks inherent to their business.

These risks can include the following:


  • Loss of profit or debt repayment following the loss of a key individual
  • Cost to the business of recruiting and training a suitable replacement
  • Loss of business control following the death or incapacity of a shareholder / partner
  • Inability to find a suitable buyer / price for a deceased owner’s share


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One of the most complex times for anyone is when they are selling their business. As with everything of this magnitude, you would always expect to draw on advice.

We are experts in shaping and delivering strategies. It is not solely about exit planning around the business. You must also consider what happens afterwards and plan into your retirement.

Exit planning is specific to you and your business and not only is every company different but so are your shareholder’s goals. We are here so you can talk to us and identify the most appropriate route.

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