Our social responsibility

Making a difference within our local communities matters to us. Each year, we support charities and sponsor businesses, sports and community awards, clubs and events. Our business has benefited greatly from winning numerous awards and we feel it is right to help other businesses reap the rewards of such accolades.

Our commitment to operating responsibly
Our commitment to operating responsibly

As never before, the events of 2020/21 have challenged and impacted all businesses across all sectors. Mattioli Woods is no different; however, our dedicated team has allowed us to rise to these challenges and continue to make a positive contribution to our stakeholders – our clients, shareholders, staff, suppliers and chosen charity partners alike. We believe this is responsible business in action.

Our approach to achieving good Governance comes from a passion to ensure we do the right things for our clients and this is embedded in the culture of the Mattioli Woods team, where staff are encouraged to thrive and develop in their roles and the business in turn supports them in their own career development. Our record of growing our own and promoting from within the Group adds to the sense of teamship which underpins everything we do.


The Group has continued to grow over the last year and we recognise that we have a responsibility to support our profitable expansion by operating in a sustainable manner. As we continue to deal with, and learn from, the impact of COVID-19, we have demonstrated we can deliver great client outcomes in different ways, with the majority of our staff currently ‘working from home’. This will inform our thinking as to how we can deliver strong and sustainable shareholder returns, including investing in new technology to facilitate efficient growth over the long-term.

While our environmental footprint has inevitably reduced throughout 2020/21, this does not detract from our focus on ensuring that, wherever possible, we minimise any negative impact in this area.

The modern design and construction methods used in our Leicester office means that we are harnessing the latest technology to support our environmental aims and, while this is a major contributor in itself, we recognise that smaller changes to how we do things can make incremental contributions. These include reducing the amount of paper we use through the adoption of new technologies, including an online portal to deliver client valuations, supporting our move to a paperless environment.

In addition, our consultancy team is making increasing use of hybrid and efficient fuel technology in the vehicles they use. We are exploring how we can offer our clients access to bespoke “ESG responsible” investment propositions.

Charity and Communities
Charity and communities

We regularly partner with both national and local charities, all of whom are close to the hearts of our people and communities. This can be in the form of a colleague’s child’s football team or our national charity partner – British Heart Foundation.

The BHF has been funding research to turn ideas that may have once seemed like ‘science fiction’ into treatments and cures that save lives every day. Working with the charity until June 2024 is a huge privilege and we look forward to raising not only funds but also awareness of the fantastic work they do.

We also work with the Group’s associate company, Amati, who donate 10% of its profits to good causes each year. We have continued this tradition and this year we supported 58 charities across the UK.

Developing our people
Developing our people

We continue to create opportunities for young people by operating a trainee consultant programme for aspiring advisers. We have introduced a 26-week plan to foster small groups of trainee advisers in a classroom setting, two days a week. Currently, these are being run remotely in line with government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

Each week is themed, including topics such as tax, pensions and investments, and aims to get trainees who have been with the company for 18 months and have completed their RQF Level 4 qualification, to the point where they are able to develop financial plans.

Trainees work alongside consultants in administrative roles and attend consultant-led client meetings. The scheme will continue to be rolled out for new groups of employees who demonstrate the potential to move into consultant roles at the firm.

Diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusion

We are an equal opportunities employer, and it is our policy to ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly and on merit regardless of race, sex, marital/civil partnership status, age, disability, religious belief, pregnancy, maternity, gender reassignment or sexual orientation.

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