Gender Pay Gap

At Mattioli Woods, we are committed to promoting diversity across the group. We have taken positive steps to encourage women into parts of our business where we know we have challenges, such as within consultancy and IT.

In addition, we continue to be committed to enabling flexible working across our workforce, despite the negative impact on our gender pay gap figures. Approximately one-sixth of the population is working less than 34 hours a week, the majority of which are female within our support functions.



Mean Gender Pay Gap
Change 4%

The analysis is based on data as at 5 April of each year. The gender pay gap shows the differences in the average pay between men and women.

This is different to equal pay. Equal pay requires that men and women who carry out the same or similar jobs - or work of equal value - are paid the same. It is unlawful to pay people unequally because they are a man or a woman. 

Our gender pay gap figures can be found in the published reports below:

Mattioli Woods Gender Pay Gap 2022/23 Report:

Mattioli Woods Gender Pay Gap report 2022/23

Download a PDF copy of the reports below:
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