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    Our professional adviser services help you provide pensions and pension-planning expertise to your clients, bridging the gap of knowledge in this highly technical subject.

    For administration-only services, your clients will be managed by a separate division of our group, ensuring there is no conflict of interest and roles are clearly identified.

    We are dedicated to our external professional advisers to provide further guidance and support on the services we provide.

    The following will give you an overview of what our dedicated administration team provide as a service and our key values, but in no way covers everything, so we would urge you to get in touch. We are keen to speak to IFAs who have clients looking for pension solutions and would benefit from an experienced and pro-active scheme administrator to look after their SIPP or SSAS wrapper. We value your input and look to build strong relationships along the way, our affiliation is extremely important to us.

    At Mattioli Woods we understand that investment recommendations are bespoke to each client. For some clients, a simple investment platform suits their needs, others will be keen to invest in commercial property or loanbacks whilst for a few, non-standard investments or Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes may form an important part of their pension planning.

    Within a Mattioli Woods pension, we offer investment flexibility as we are not tied to any one investment company enabling us to accommodate your investment solutions for your client. We operate a risk-based approach so due diligence, limits and fees vary depending on the kind of investment being considered.

    Unlike a lot of other providers, we continue to allow some investments that are classically seen as “non-standard” for those clients where these are suitable, and as such, will offer greater investment diversification for your clients.

    If you would like to discuss our approach or to find out more, please get in touch.

    What is my relationship with Mattioli Woods like?

    As an experienced pro-active third-party provider, Mattioli Woods fully understands and recognises the value of the relationship an IFA has with their clients. We are dedicated in providing the highest level of service that works alongside the IFA’s needs in achieving the best outcomes for our mutual clients. We fully respect the existing relationship the adviser has and provide a trusted long-established supporting administration service through a dedicated client relationship manager. Mattioli Woods is committed to helping advisers develop and build their client’s long-term pension planning needs in a flexible and forward-thinking environment.

    Through our wider business structure we have a unique insight into the vital role an adviser and their team has with clients. This experience and technical resources allow Mattioli Woods to provide a wealth of resources that IFAs can benefit from. As such, we are able to work with you, and structure the client’s pension scheme in line with what they want to achieve, rather than simply respond to requests with no technical/supportive input.

    Why would I select Mattioli Woods as a Pension Provider for my clients?

    At Mattioli Woods we offer a unique bespoke administration service to UK and overseas IFAs to support and administer your clients’ pension requirements in a Self-Invested environment. Our culture revolves around the client being at the heart of everything we do and being able to provide a one-to-one contact via dedicated client relationship managers for each and every client. This differs from a number of other providers who do not provide dedicated contacts or support and is something we believe is vitally important when looking after your clients’ pension assets.

    We pride ourselves on our staff and their extensive technical training, together with Group wide specialists and technical experts to support and guide our IFAs and resolve any complex queries that may arise in their pensions’ lifetime.

    The IFAs that we deal with are important to us and we take every step to nurture that relationship to support each other in meeting the client’s expectations. We are here to listen, take on board your requirements and work with you, to find the best retirement solutions for your clients.