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CONSULTANT Charlie Goodman got to explain the ins and outs of new salary sacrifice regulations – to a national audience. 

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Charlie was the expert analyst as Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme delved into the changes on the day they came into effect. 

He gave a live interview to presenter Winifred Robinson at the BBC’s Wogan House in Great Portland Street, London.

The consumer affairs magazine reaches an estimated 3.3 million listeners a week.

Charlie talked through the winners and losers of new legislation affecting tax relief and National Insurance contributions.

The 33-year-old says: “Despite presenting to employers and employees on a daily basis, and having been President of Woking Speakers Club, the nerves never seem to go.

“When I listened back to a recording I was fairly pleased with my responses, but it's hard not to wish you had longer to explain what is quite a complex change”.

Radio 4’s Kevin Mousley, who produces the ‘You and Yours’ programme, says: “I thought Charlie came over very well indeed”.

You can hear the full interview with Baker Street-based Charlie here.* 

*Audio courtesy of BBC Radio 4 and the ‘You and Yours’ programme.

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