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In Investment Week's latest in their series of interviews with some of the industry's key Investment Influencers, they talked with Ben Wattam and Ian Goodchild who are investment managers at Mattioli Woods.

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To see and hear how leading industry practitioners tackle the markets, Investment Week set up a series of interviews they call the Investment Influencers.

Ben and Ian head up the investment management team, which is responsible for investment research and portfolio management.

Watch Ian and Ben's interview here.

Who are the Investment Influencers?

The fund selection and research sectors play a major part in the UK's asset management industry, but who are the key individuals in these areas?

We have identified them as those who not only control the allocation of fund flows and decide ratings, but are respected by asset managers for the depth of their knowledge, the honesty of their views, their professionalism in analysing and selecting funds, and the responsibility with which they manage clients' assets.

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