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THREE Mattioli Woods staff featured in the same live radio broadcast – one from Glasgow, two from Serbia.

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It happened as BBC Radio Leicester continued its month-by-month coverage of the remote year adventure of Suzy Walker and Chris Smith.

The couple were interviewed in Belgrade, where they are based on the latest leg of their epic 35,000-mile journey.

And chipping in from Scotland was George Houston, who told listeners why the company had backed their travel plans.

Radio Leicester has reported on Chris and Suzy’s trip ever since they left the UK in January.

So far, they have visited Mexico City; Bogota and Medellin in Columbia; Lima in Peru; Cordoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina; Prague in the Czech Republic, and now Belgrade.

On Saturday, they leave for Valencia, Spain, followed by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in October, Chiang Mai, Thailand, (November) and finally Kyoto in Japan.

Technical specialist Suzy told station presenter Ben Jackson today: “We’ve really enjoyed our month out here in Belgrade.

“I had no preconceptions about what the place would be like before we got here. It has really surprised me. It’s vibrant, a lovely city”.

Chris, a senior customer relations manager, said: “Technology has been good in all the places we’ve visited, but particularly so here.

“When we’ve been talking to colleagues back in Leicester, it’s been almost like they’re in the next room. It’s been that good”.

Senior technical and development manager George said Mattioli Woods had been delighted to support the couple by allowing them to work remotely for a year.

“It’s gone remarkably well,” he said. “I think there may have been a little trepidation on all sides at first, but we have worked round any difficulties”.

Geroge Houston

George told of the great amount of effort that had gone into ensuring connections used by the travelling pair were stable and secure.

“Security is a key element of our IT infrastructure at all times and maintaining this was obviously a priority,” he explained.

George said the “personal qualities” of Chris and Suzy had helped ensure the remote year experience had been “seamless”.

“They are both very much part of the Mattioli Woods family and very valued members of the team. They are an absolute credit to the company and we are delighted to support them,” he told the BBC.

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