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MORE than 120 people turned out for briefings offering a fresh look at investment advice. 

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The events – themed ‘A New Perspective’ – were put on by Mattioli Woods in response to the changing financial landscape. 

They featured expert analysis and insight from senior members of the company’s asset management team.

Chief investment officer Simon Gibson said: “Basing our presentations on change - and how the current environment does not feel like those we have perhaps been used to in a more 'traditional' portfolio world - really seemed to strike a chord.

“In our view, there seems to be an unhealthy complacency in some markets. Our conviction leads us away from these, especially European equities and - to a lesser extent – broad US equities.

“At the same time we are increasingly interested in assets where we take a thematic or sector rather than geographical bias, and in recent months this has led us into infrastructure, private equity, healthcare and insurance”.

He added: ““We concentrate on making decisions that are different to achieve better outcomes.

“This year there are many global events which could derail the ‘Trumping’ of markets that has brought positive returns in recent weeks.

“We are clear: investing with conviction and agility remains as important as ever. It may be that 2017 proves to be the year when some of the old investing rules come under the microscope more than ever before”.

Mr Gibson – who has 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector – shared the platform with four other speakers from the company.

Investment manager Ben Wattam talked of portfolio construction against a backdrop of all-time low interest rates, while fellow manager Richard Smith discussed some of the key economic and political challenges facing markets.

Richard Shepherd-Cross, managing director of subsidiary company Custodian Capital, looked at the merits of investing in commercial property. Mr Gibson and investment manager Scott Bradshaw gave Mattioli Woods’ perspective on assets for the year ahead.

The two events were held at Leicester Tigers’ Welford Road stadium and Farmers and Fletchers in the City, in Cloth Street, London.

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