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EMPLOYEE benefits expert Mattioli Woods has put together a new eight-strong unit to drive its overseas operations. 

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EMPLOYEE benefits expert Mattioli Woods has put together a new eight-strong unit to drive its overseas operations. 

The company has drawn on the breadth of knowledge and experience within its ranks to form its International Practice Team. 

It will be led by Saira Chambers, who joined Mattioli Woods last year and has more than 25 years’ service in the employee benefits market.

Over the last 15 years, her work has focused on developing international business and helping multinational companies source and manage benefit programmes for their employees.

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The new team will be based strategically at locations across the UK to support clients coming into the country or with employee benefits needs abroad.

They will have the back-up of the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN), the largest fully integrated network of independent insurance brokers and employee benefits consultants.

WBN is located in more than 100 countries and has offices in 500 cities across the globe. It offers international benefits technology to clients as part of its service.

Saira Chambers said: “I am delighted with the passion Mattioli Woods has to support and develop its international expertise.

“While many of our consultants can support internationally referred business, we understand the enhanced capability and support we can offer clients through WBN by having a recognised discipline”.

Alan Fergusson, Mattioli Woods’ managing director of employee benefits and a WBN board member, said: “We are delighted to have Saira head up and drive the team with her extensive knowledge of international benefits, gained through her 10 years at Finch Insurance Brokers where she led their employee benefits and international team.

“She has worked with many employers who are entering the UK for the first time, have requirements to enter markets for the first time or manage existing benefits in non-UK countries”.

He added: “The creation of this new structure within the team will allow us to develop specific services to meet the needs of our clients and partners, including a newly-launched proposition that allows the establishment of a benefit programme encompassing pension, risk, medical and travel plans for smaller groups within the UK, and specific products through the WBN for employers across the world”.

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