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Mattioli Woods has been ranked number 94 in Leicester Mercury’s “top 200 businesses in Leicestershire in 2018”.

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The annual list – compiled by a team of academics from De Montfort University in Leicester – uses turnover to rank all active business in Leicester and Leicestershire not dormant or in receivership.

The rankings are compiled using the total turnover for their year-end that falls between July 1 2016 and June 30 2017.

The move to number 94 is a 13-place improvement on 2017’s list, where we were ranked 107th.

Murray Smith, Mattioli Woods’ group managing director, said: “I am really proud of Mattioli Woods’ transition into the list’s top 100 companies – it is a testament to our employees’ hard work and dedication in putting our clients first throughout our 27-year history, which has seen us grow into the company we are proud to be today.

“With our move to our new city centre offices in New Walk later this year, we are really excited about what the future holds not just for Mattioli Woods, but our clients, our staff and Leicester itself.”

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