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Mattioli Woods' new-look website has gone live for the first time - after a year in development. 

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Mattioli Woods hailed its latest online offering as “reflective” of the growing wealth management and employee benefits business. 

"It is the start of our journey to enhance the Mattioli Woods brand online and to create a more dynamic and interactive site," said Group Head of Marketing, Mark Slaviero. 

The new website offers better navigation to improve visitor experience and is fully optimised, which means users can access content quickly from any device.

Other extra features include enhanced video content, animation to help explain the company’s services, staff biographies and enhanced photography.

The site also boasts unique landing pages for its wealth management and employee benefits divisions, and career opportunities within Mattioli Woods.

Mr Slaviero said: "We hope it will provide visitors with a true reflection of our 21st century business, differentiating us from our competitors".

During the next phase of development, the company plans to include further video content to increase engagement, blogs to help disseminate its ever increasing content to a wider online audience, data capture to improve reporting, and online tools for prospects and clients.

Work will also go ahead to improve other sites within the Group.

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