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MATTIOLI Woods will be lining up alongside more than 300 exhibitors at a special event showcasing companies ‘Made in the Midlands’.

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The firm has taken the unusual step of featuring at what is predominantly a gathering of engineering and manufacturing businesses, based in the heart of the country.

The exhibition – now in its eighth year - takes place on May 25 at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena where 2,000 delegates are expected to attend.

Organisers said the combined turnover of industry-leading manufacturers and figures who will be represented is more than £4 billion.

‘Made in the Midlands’ also welcomes a range of leading educational institutions, engaging with local schools and universities to give young people an insight into a career within the manufacturing industry.

For the first time it will include Mattioli Woods, whose chief people officer Sara Andrews said: “We are delighted to be involved in this prestigious event.

“It offers us a ready-made network of 350 Midlands-based manufacturing and design companies whose senior executives may well benefit from Mattioli Woods’ expertise.

“All of those businesses will offer employee benefits like pensions – a legal requirement – and other enhanced benefits as part of their engagement and retention strategies, which we are perfectly placed to support them with”.

She added: “We also feel the financial education seminars we deliver could really support them and help with continue to thrive.

“There’s also a very strong connection in that, like them, we as a company are very proud of the fact we too were ‘made in the Midlands’ as Mattioli Woods was formed in Leicester more than 25 years ago.”


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