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A COMPANY boss believes recognition in the New Year’s Honours List was reward for his firm’s stance against “the bad old ways” of long-standing financial institutions. 

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Ian Mattioli, chief executive officer of Mattioli Woods, said MBEs awarded to him and co-founder Bob Woods were a reflection of their drive for "better and more cost-effective solutions" for clients. 

Mr Mattioli said: "We have, against a backdrop of failure in financial institutions’ integrity, led the way to be a modern, 21st century company that creates great outcomes.

"Our style has been to challenge the bad old ways that the long-standing institutions have tried their best to keep hold of.

"We sit proudly at the forefront of changes which have yielded better and cheaper solutions to managing and advising on clients’ money affairs".

ian mattioli and bob woods

Mr Mattioli and former chairman Mr Woods – now senior adviser to the company – were both honoured for services to business and the community".

The double award came as Mattioli Woods celebrates its 25th year in business, during which time it has grown into a plc employing more than 500 people at nine locations across the UK.

Mr Mattioli said: "We manage more than £7 billion of our clients’ assets. The Group knows where every penny of that money has been, is now, and is going to be in the future.

"We have, for all our 25 years, treated our customers respectfully and I am proud that during all this time of growth we have continually bettered client outcomes".

Mr Woods said: "It is an incredible honour. It doesn’t seem that long ago since the two of us set up the business from Ian’s converted garage. So much planning and hard work has gone into creating the fabulous team we have now".

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