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Our friends and families come first and foremost in our minds during this incredibly complex and unnerving time. We consider among this group of people our own clients and their families.

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We are seeing markets fall in a style rarely seen over the last 30 years. While Boris Johnson suggests there isn’t a systemic issue with our economy as there was during the 2008 financial crisis, with concerns over liquidity in the marketplace, it does feel similar.

As we await the Chancellor’s address later today, we are responding to our clients’ understandable concerns around investment market falls. We continue to keep our clients, their families and their businesses informed over this period via our consultants, as well as initiating discussions around additional measures we can take.

There is much we can do …

Investment and income planning for the retired is of course essential, as is business planning for our clients who run their own business and who are in turn responsible for the livelihoods of many.

A large number of our clients have used loans, as well as occupying properties from and owned by their pension funds. Normal practice would dictate how the loan repayments and ongoing rent are structured. We need to consider this as advisers, administrators and trustees in a commercial way, taking into account the possible medium-term liquidity shortages.

We are discussing in detail the options for businesses who may need injections of cash. Options that might be appropriate include consideration of loans from their pension schemes or using pension fund holdings to purchase long-term assets such as property from the business. Of course, a lot will depend on individual circumstances and indeed what the Chancellor provides as support. Rest assured we’re doing all we can to look after our clients.

Our consultants are available, as always, to help navigate people and businesses through these worrying and uncertain times. Do contact us at any time if you feel we can help.

Our very best wishes to you and your family.

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