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    Home / Insights / LOCKDOWN 3.0 : SUPPORTING EMPL…


    So here we are again, nationwide lockdown and most of us instructed by the authorities to stay in and work from home.

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    Mattioli Woods

    As Big Ben chimed in the New Year only a short time ago, we probably all expected this in one form or another but that does not reduce the impact it will have on our wellbeing.

    The instructions might be similar to previous lockdowns but this lockdown is significantly different in terms of employee mental health:

    • Lockdown fatigue – after 10 months of restrictions we are all getting a bit fed up with it all now
    • Childcare – back in March home schooling was novel and different; this time we are all aware of the challenges it brings and how hard it is to juggle work, childcare and home schooling
    • Finances – many families will be struggling with reduced incomes, additional fuel costs, job insecurity
    •  The time of year – January is a difficult month at the best of times and now lockdown just adds to the gloom

    Now more than ever employers need to look at how they are supporting their employees’ mental wellbeing. Employers have a duty of care in relation to employee wellbeing, even if they are WFH.

    We can help you build a strategy with a range of bespoke solutions designed to deliver support direct to all your employees no matter where they are or when they need it.

    Our MentalWellbeing@MattioliWoods platform will:

    • Provide mental health awareness training across your workforce
    • Support employees with a library of self-care resources
    • Offer signposting to further support if needed
    • Give your employees a voice to express how they are feeling
    • Support managers and mental health champions dealing with their own and colleagues’ mental health issues
    • Help employers meet their duty of care obligations