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    Mental health is an issue that continues to affect more and more of us, especially after the events of the last two years, and it is important that we all take time to look after ourselves. This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week looks at loneliness and how it can affect your physical and mental health. Connecting not just with our family and friends but also our communities can help keep loneliness at bay.

    MW Post Author Image
    Mattioli Woods

    We have put together a series of articles from our Employee Benefits Consultants Adrian Firth and Edward Watling as well as from our Wellbeing Partner Scott Matthews. These cover aspects of mental health such as technology, financial matters and loneliness as well as providing some advice on how you can work on not just your own mental health, but also that of someone you care about.

    The organisers of the week – Mental Health – also has some fantastic ways you can get involved this Mental Health Awareness Week.

    Mental health and loneliness

    Employee Benefits Consultant Ed Watling looks at ways that could help you with your mental health and #loneliness in his latest article.

    Read the full article here

    Financial wellbeing takes effort

    Managing your finances takes time and energy, something we mostly learn as a life skill as we progress through our careers. Employee Benefits Consultant Adrian Firth is here to offer you three simple, basic steps to help improve your financial fitness and financial wellbeing.

    Read the full article here

    Mental health and technology

    Mattioli Woods’ consultant Ed Watling looks back at how technology has impacted our work life balance which can impact our mental health.

    Read the full article here

    Promoting positive mental health in the workplace

    Organisations in the UK and around the world are currently making huge strides in workplace wellbeing and, in particular, there is a real drive to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace. Our Employee Benefits Consultant Adrian Firth, shares some tips for employees and managers to help promote positive health in the workplace.

    Read the full article here

    How loneliness can affect your mental health

    Loneliness can affect anyone at any stage in their life, impacting our mental health in ways we may not believe possible.

    Our Wellbeing and Safety Partner Scott Matthews talks about how he suffered loneliness as a young man heading to life in the military – and how finding your community can be a positive step.

    Read the full article here