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    I am not sure about you but at this time of year I find myself painting pictures in my mind of the wonderful build up to Father Christmas coming but be honest it is not always like the movies.

    MW Post Author Image
    Mattioli Woods

    Putting the Christmas tree up is a great example. Every year I say to myself that this year will be different. We will get the Christmas carols on, have mulled wine and hot chocolate, and enjoy getting our home into the Christmas spirit.

    That is not how it is in reality.

    There is always a box of decorations you cannot find; Dad is up in the loft getting grumpy as he has been on his knees for over an hour searching. When you eventually find everything and go to put the Christmas tree lights on there is always a bulb or two out, which then turns into another hour of DIY to sort it. When it is time to actually decorate the tree, the children are bored, place one bauble in place and ask if they can go back to their room. By the end you are exhausted and just glad that it is done.

    As a parent I find myself painting a picture of happy family moments all year round, not just at Christmas. We inspire to have the perfect family life but sometimes life can throw us a curve ball that we were not expecting and, when this happens, it is good to be in a strong place financially for the unexpected.

    One of the most important Christmas gifts you could give to your family this year is to make sure you have the appropriate family protection in place to ensure you are financially secure for the future.

    Family protection is the cornerstone of our personal long term financial planning. Speaking to a consultant to ensure that you have the correct plans in place and discussing the situations where you might need this is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

    There are many different ways you can look after your family such as having an up-to-date Will or Power of Attorney in place, setting up funds or trusts for your children’s future or putting insurances in place – your home, your car and even yourself.

    It could be to protect your assets on death or provide an income if you were to become seriously ill, ensuring your family can still reach their dreams. As consultants we can help you visualise the situations where you would need family protection and, most importantly, devise a plan to get you there.

    Whatever situation you want to protect yourself for this Christmas, make sure you get financial advice based on your specific personal situation.

    Now where did I put that tinsel?