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Whether you need employee benefits for your staff within the UK, an overseas subsidiary or you are based outside of the UK, Employee Benefits Consultant Adrian Firth discusses ways Mattioli Woods works to provide the best package for you. Our ‘Introducing…’ series begins with Adrian talking to Peter Higgins about this, and more.

Adrian Firth
Employee Benefits Consultant
25 October 2021
8 minutes
Part one:
Part two:

Looking after your staff’s wellbeing is one of the most important aspects of a company’s success. Employee Benefits Consultant Adrian Firth talks about ways you can address mental, physical and financial wellbeing – whether via a Wellbeing Champion, an online platform or a third-party – and how we can work with you to achieve this. Watch the second in Adrian’s three-part ‘Introducing…’ interviews here:

Part three:

Mental and physical wellbeing is just as important as financial wellbeing and providing financial education can play a large part in this. This is just one of the topics that Employee Benefits Consultant Adrian Firth discusses in the last in his three-part series ‘Introducing…’ here:

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