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April Ritchie, Senior Wealth Management Consultant, has spent the last eight years of her financial services career at Mattioli Woods. In the first part of her ‘Introducing…’ interview with Peter Higgins, April talks about her career, client relationships and why wealth management is important to everyone.

April Ritchie
Senior Wealth Management Consultant
1 November 2021
8 minutes
Part one:
Part two:

Retirement is a large part of our lives and it is important to be prepared, both mentally and financially. Senior Wealth Management Consultant April Ritchie looks at some of the key points you should be thinking about when planning your future. The second of her ‘Introducing…’ interviews is available to watch here:

Part three:

In the final video of our three-part series ‘Introducing…’ featuring April Ritchie, Senior Wealth Management Consultant, April discusses all things financial, including why sometimes a consultant can seem like a counsellor!

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