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Pension Awareness Week | 31 October 2022 – 4 November 2022

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31 October 2022

Pensions can appear quite complicated with many across the UK deciding it may not be worth saving for their retirement. However, setting up a pension could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

We have put together a series of articles helping you with the different sides of pensions as part of Pension Geeks’ Pension Awareness Week – an initiative designed to encourage you to save not just for your future, but  your loved ones too.

Read more from Wealth Management Consultants Andy Goulter and Megan Leach, Employee Benefits Consultant Nick Howarth and Employee Engagement Consultant Nimmy Uppal below.

For more information head over to our Instagram profile - @mattioliwoods – where our advisers have put together their ‘top tips’.

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pension awareness week 2022
It is simple really

Talking about pensions is not particularly exciting and sometimes they can be seen as over complicated but it is simple really. Our Wealth Management Consultant Andy Goulter has broken each step down so you can really understand your pension in his latest article here.

Pension transfers
Pension transfer considerations

Should I transfer my old pension? This is one of the questions we are frequently asked. Nimmy Uppal, one of our Employee Engagement Consultants discusses a few points you can review yourself with regards to your pension here.

Pensions Awareness Day
Are pensions worth it?

On Pension Awareness Day we ask: with money tight for many at the moment, are pensions worth it? Trainee Consultant Megan Leach says yes, and explains why here

The importance of saving early for retirement
The importance of saving early for retirement

With the current cost of living crisis, it can be easy for people to view lowering or even pausing their pension contributions as a way to save money in the short term, particularly if they are a long way off retirement. Employee Benefits Consultant Nick Howarth looks at the importance of continuing to save for retirement where possible in his latest article here.

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