We welcome the clients and personnel of Hurley Partners to the Group.

4 February 2021
2 minutes

Mattioli Woods is pleased to welcome the clients of Hurley Partners to the Group.

Mattioli Woods and Hurley Partners share a common heritage. Mattioli Woods was founded in 1990 by Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods, both of whom are still at the forefront of the business to this day, whilst Tony Hurley started in business in the 1980’s. They collectively share an ethos of putting their clients first, a value fundamental to the Board of Hurley Partners when seeking a partner for the future.

Please click on this link if you would like to view the webinar held on 26 January 2021 in which Tony, Ian and Bob introduce Mattioli Woods to Hurley Partners' clients. 

The team from Hurley Partners will continue to provide you with high quality advice which will continue to be led by your usual Hurley Partners contacts. Hurley Partners’ specialist pension knowledge, legacy planning expertise and robust discretionary investment management services enhance Mattioli Woods’ existing propositions and strengthen the Group’s position as one of the UK’s leading providers of pension consultancy and wealth management services. 


What will continue for our clients?

  • an approach built on trust and long-term relationships
  • advice that will continue to be led by your usual contacts
  • directors and professional staff who will go out of their way to understand often complex and sensitive matters so that we deliver objective and personal solutions
  • a business built on robust investment credentials and through our professional expertise in the arena of member-directed pension schemes – SSASs and SIPPs



As Hurley Partners, we were pleased to have made a difference in our community. We are always amazed at the generosity of our valued clients and colleagues.  In the region of £330,000 has been raised since 2014 benefiting over 40 UK-based charities. Mattioli Woods shares the same sense of social responsibility and recently launched a new national partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK.

    Cheque TJTH

    Tony Hurley presenting a cheque for £125K to Mr Tim Jones, Head of the Atkinson Morley Neurological Centre at St Georges Hospital London, October 2019. Funds raised were from the clients, directors and staff of Hurley Partners.

    £70k cheque

    Tony and Pauline Hurley handing over the cheque to Mr Tim Jones, the Head of the Atkinson Morley Neurological Centre at St Georges Hospital London, and his team. The funds raised were used to purchase a leading edge Ultra Sound machine. Many tens of lives have been saved since December 2015 when the machine came on line. The funds were raised through Hurley Partners events and private events organised by Tony & Pauline Hurley.

    Hurley Partners (and now Mattioli Woods) is also pleased to sponsor the Senior 1st XV of Cobham RFC, an important club in its community in the heart of Surrey. Mattioli Woods is a long-standing official partner of Leicester Tigers and in 2020 the Tigers stadium was rebranded as Mattioli Woods Welford Road.


    Covid 19

    Covid 19 struck in March 2020 shortly after Mattioli Woods agreed to merge with Hurley Partners. Since that time together we have focussed on remaining accessible to our clients, albeit often on the end of a videocall. No employees of either company have been made redundant as a result of the adverse financial conditions, no government subsidy has been received by either business and the Boards of Mattioli Woods and Hurley Partners both reduced their own remuneration in response to the financial conditions in Spring 2020.

    Client Login Information

    For Hurley Partners clients, there is a slightly different way of accessing your investment portfolios online via this (Mattioli Woods) website.

    1. Go to the menu bar in the top right-hand corner and click on the three lines
    2. Select ‘Client Login’
    3. From the links on the Login Area select the green Hurley Partners Client Area panel and click on the link
    4. This will take you to the login page for your portfolio (the design of this has been updated)
    5. Access your portfolio using the same credentials as before
    6. The design of the pages you will see on-line has changed but the content remains unaltered

    Alternatively, you can click here ( your browser, and this will take you straight to the login page for your portfolio.

    If you have any difficulty, please call us on 020 8936 3970 for assistance.

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