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Mattioli Woods Consultant, Yasin Patel, has once again provided much needed support to one of the poorest countries in the world.

23 January 2020
1 minute

When Yasin’s father visited Malawi in January 2020, over 5,000 people welcomed his arrival.

Yasin said, ‘Dad wanted to check that everything is working OK with the wells that we helped build in July 2019 to provide fresh, clean water. He never goes empty handed and this time he was able to take huge bundles of clothes and stationery thanks to my colleagues at Mattioli Woods’.

Mr Patel had plenty to take with him! Mattioli Woods staff retrieved suits from the back of wardrobes, the marketing team cleared out their stash of t-shirts and a huge box of pens was also sent over.

Yasin’s father, Mahomed Faruk Patel, was born in Malawi and has dedicated his life to helping build schools, orphanages and medical clinics in the area in addition to the weekly distribution of food.

Read more about how Yasin raised over £20,000 to build wells in Africa …

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