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    Financial Planning newsletter – November 2022

    It does not seem that long ago we were welcoming you to our spring edition, yet here we are already well on the way to winter!

    MW Post Author Image
    Mattioli Woods

    This year has been a tough one for many with the cost-of-living crisis, political unrest and the passing of The Queen featuring heavily in all of our lives. However, there has been some positivity including England’s Women’s Football team winning Euro 2022, the warm summer and, of course, the upcoming festivities in December.

    There have also been several ‘awareness’ weeks including Pension Awareness Week last month and this month’s Talk Money Week, a week that encourages us all to be more open about money. Our articles have therefore been written with this in mind, including Rosie Marlow who looks at what to do if you are feeling lost.

    ‘The Big One’ this issue is from our Group Consultancy Officer, Ashana Lindo. Stating ‘It’s good to talk’, Ashana looks at how she helps those that ask her for advice, while Megan Leach discusses what you should be doing if you are ‘sleepwalking to 75’.

    We have a fantastic article on retirement from Richard Watson and some light reading from Eddy Woore who starts our ‘Child of the…’ series with a nostalgic look back at the 1970s.

    If there is anything you would like us to discuss in our upcoming issues – or if you have some feedback – do contact your consultant and let us know!


    Feeling lost? Let’s make a map

    It seems these days whenever we switch on the TV, turn up the radio or scroll through our phones it is hard to escape the doom and gloom. With the cost-of-living crisis and threats of a recession, it can feel there is a lot to worry about financially.

    Help stay in control of your finances by creating a map, as Senior Paraplanner Rosie Marlow discusses here.

    Peace, love and financial planning

    Our ‘Child of the… series’ has seen some nostalgic looks back at financial planning through the ages, and how you can still make plans whatever your age.

    In the first of our series, Eddy Woore reflects on the oil crisis, three-day weeks and of course, the wild music and crazy fashions of the 70s in his article, Peace, love and financial planning, available to read here.

    It’s good to talk!

    There are three things they say you should never discuss: politics, religion and finances – we disagree! Now more than ever we need to be more open about our finances to ensure we stay on track to meet our financial needs and aspirations.

    For our ‘Big One’ interview, our Group Consultancy Office Ashana Lindo discusses why ‘It’s good to talk!’ here.

    Sleepwalking to age 75

    When you have spent a lifetime dreaming of your retirement, safe in the knowledge you have enough put aside in your pension, the last thing you want is to be hit with an unexpected tax charge as you turn age 75.

    Read Megan Leach’s latest article now to make sure you are not sleepwalking to age 75.

    Retirement – Are you ready?

    When thinking about retirement many of us concentrate on how much we need to be able to retire when in reality, we should be looking at what we want to do in retirement and work out how much we need from there.

    Richard Watson looks at the steps you should be considering when looking at your retirement planning here.