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    Wealth management business Mattioli Woods plc has announced further growth for the year ended 31 May 2019 as it continues to drive down client costs and focuses on sustainability.

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    Mattioli Woods

    Chief Executive Officer, Ian Mattioli MBE, said he was pleased with the results and that its integrated model was focused on creating a resilient business with its clients at the absolute core.

    Ian said: “I am happy to report another successful year. We continue to streamline our business, drive increased efficiency and reinforce our purpose to grow and preserve our clients’ assets, while giving them control and understanding of their overall financial position.”

    Commenting on the current complexities in the marketplace, Ian stressed that it was absolutely right to proactively engage with clients to ensure the business is addressing their changing needs in both good and bad times.

    Ian commented: “Uncertainty around Brexit will continue to impact investor and consumer sentiment in the short-term, but we are confident that our focus on addressing the changing needs of our clients will position us well to deliver future growth.”

    The performance of Mattioli Woods has been achieved despite this on-going political, economic and investment turmoil and can be attributed to four key areas:

    1. Driving down costs

    Mattioli Woods believes that the fees for financial services in the UK are generally too expensive. The long-term aim of the business is to continue to reduce the level of fees that clients pay through the innovative use of technology and evolving the business making it more efficient. It has reduced client fees by £3.1m over the past 12 months.

    2. Technology

    Mattioli Woods has invested heavily in new technology that is focused not only on improving the business, via cloud-hosted IT architecture, but also client improving the experience for clients and putting them firmly in control of their and their families finances.

    3. Environment

    As people seek to take charge of their money and manage it down through the generations they need long-term advice and strategies to preserve their wealth due to the current market and political turmoil. The focus on client service and the agility of the business model allowing Mattioli Woods to continue to adapt quickly for clients.

    4. Acquisitions

    Recent acquisitions are performing and integrating well, with the financial result for the year including positive contributions from SSAS Solutions based in Belfast and Broughtons. The business remains acquisitive and has a diverse pipeline of opportunities.

    Reporting the Group’s strong financial position, with almost 30 consecutive years of profit growth, Ian confirmed the firm’s adjusted EBITDA margin – earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation – was ‘substantially ahead’ of its 20% target. The Group also reported a rise in total client assets by 7.4% to £9.38bn.

    Ian concluded: “We believe the opportunity for Mattioli Woods is significant, as people seek to take charge of their money and manage it down through the generations but this is becoming more and more complex. Clients need long-term advice and strategies more than ever before and we will continue to provide quality solutions, with our focus on client service and the inherent agility within our business model allowing us to continue to adapt to the changing wealth and asset management marketplace”.