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    Home / Insights / RUN, ROTHLEY, RUN.


    Get to know our employees and their inspiring running stories

    MW Post Author Image
    Mattioli Woods

    Following the June update, we could not be prouder of everyone involved in the Rothley 10k, the community that keeps on giving. We will now be sharing bi-monthly articles to keep you motivated and informed. Everyone has their own goals, training tips and reasons for taking part in the race. We asked three of our employees and keen runners, Louise Hoare, Ed Watling and Adrian Firth, about their Rothley 10k journey and for their advice on how to stay motivated during lockdown.

    Louise Hoare, a Senior Client Relationship Manager, shared her running journey with us.

    louise hoare

    ‘My first Rothley race was in 2018. At 3 stone heavier I struggled with the running, but I loved the sense of community.’ After reigniting her love for running, Louise decided to do something incredible. ‘In 2019 I joined Slimming World and noticed a leaflet from the local running club. That year, I completed the couch to 5k and lost 3 stone.’ From this point, Louise found her running style, going from strength to strength. Louise is passionate about helping beginners to take the plunge and to join her on this amazing path to success. ‘There are so many ways to get started, join a running club, downloading the couch to 5k app, but just walk if the run is too much.’ Louise spoke about the importance of staying focused and motivated, even when it seems just that bit harder. Her motto is:

    ‘You never regret a run, but you always regret not going.’

    The recent lockdown has not dampened her spirits or stopped her getting to her goals. ‘I am continuing to run, at first with social distancing it was difficult. This led to a need for new routes. Running across nearby fields has been great, not a person in sight!’ Louise advises to continue to train as if events are going ahead to stop demotivation. Louise has applied this mentality to Rothley and the Great North Run.

    ‘I shall see you at Rothley 2021. I cannot wait to beat my 10k time!’

    Adrian Firth (Left) and Ed Watling (Right), both Employee Benefit Consultants.


    These wonderful gentlemen both run the Rothley 10k and other charity runs for similar reasons, to ‘run with friends, and the Rothley 10k gives them the opportunity to do this with their work colleagues, as they are not based in Leicester.’ Ed added, ‘entering events encourages me to train and keep fit’. Ed’s motivation during lockdown, much like Louise, has been phenomenal. ‘I’ve made sure that I’m running every other day and I’ve not allowed myself any excuses not to.’ Adrian echoed this positive mentality saying he had ‘really enjoyed it and is now at the point of running a couple of half marathons, just for fun!’ Both of these runners touched upon the difficulty and discipline needed to stay running and eating clean when working remotely. Adding, the importance of not allowing oneself to feel negative if goals are not met.

    ‘Only 1 in 100 people can run 5k without stopping, so do not feel like you are alone.’

    Ed admitted that ‘working from home and home schooling is a juggling act’. Some incredible time management ideas: ‘try going out early in the morning or popping out for 5k at lunchtime’.

    Both have used technology to keep in touch with the running community. Ed loves ‘The Anfield Wrap podcast team’ and Adrian is ‘sharing times and distances online via Strava / Fitbit’. They echo Louise’s advice, ‘do not put pressure on yourself’ and ‘build up slowly’.

    Whether you are working from home, furloughed or taking time away from work, your wellbeing can be tested during this new normal stage. All three employees said their wellbeing and mental health has improved since running:

    ‘Getting outside, enjoying nature, physically increasing heart rate, releasing endorphins, improving sleep and rest, the list just goes on and on.’ Adrian

    ‘Running is the perfect wellbeing tool. Time to think, be outdoors, get the heart pumping and relax with no stress or pressures.‘ Ed

    ‘It just makes you feel better, your headspace and the progress you are making as well as raising money for incredible causes.’ Louise

    We are passionate about supporting LOROS, their motivation and ethos mirror ours, putting people and their families at the heart of what they do. We could not be prouder to partner.

    Due to the pandemic, incredible charities like LOROS are predicted to lose 45% of donations. We can help by attending their virtual events!

    LOROS have an incredible running concept, Run The World, starting in September. We know so many of you keen runners will be itching to get involved. Find out more at or sign-up today by visiting

    If this article or these marvellous people have inspired you to dig out your trainers, please let us know. Any stories Rothley, running or wellbeing wise are always welcome and they may just feature in our next communication. Please send them to