Hina Chauhan

Head of HR
About Hina

I joined Mattioli Woods in 2018 as a HR Manager, with almost 14 years’ experience working in logistics, engineering, and health care sectors. My roles within my HR journey have been mostly within a generalist capacity, where I have been a part of a relatively large team and over the last 4 years, leading teams. I have led or been involved in projects to include bidding, acquisitions, designing and delivering management training, managing organisational change, developing HR strategies, mediation, dispute resolution and successfully managing complex employment law cases.

At my time at Mattioli Woods, and since taking on the role of Head of HR, it is particularly important to me that I implement and embed excellence in our approach, build trusting relationships, constantly review processes, and maintain knowledge. This ensures that collectively we can successfully partner with the various departments within the company, always being the conscience, and actively contributing to the successful growth of Mattioli Woods.

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