I want to protect my family

Although it is a horrible thought, protecting you and your family against unforeseen illness, long-term disability and death is critical to any plan.

You may or may not already have life assurance, income protection, critical illness and private medical insurance however we can provide an audit of your current protection or tailor new solutions.

Either way, to be true to our mantra of ‘creating and preserving wealth’, we can’t ignore the importance of having the right plan in place. 

Protection is for an individual or circumstances that occur to an individual. It can provide a sum to compensate for a critical or debilitating illness or provide funds to meet liabilities upon death.

There is no right amount of protection as every individual has different circumstances. Yet there is often a disconnect and a misunderstanding of how essential an individual is to their business, family and the livelihood of others all at the same time.

This can lead to a difficult calculation of cost versus benefit. But the ultimate benefit of protecting families and businesses often outweighs the monthly funding of premiums.

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The cat, the car and the carpet…

You are driving down the road in your car and, to your right, a person walks out of the house with a carpet.

They start beating it and the noise and the cloud of dust causes the cat sat on the wall nearby to get spooked. The cat runs across the road causing you to swerve and hit a tree.

The cat is insured, the car is insured and even the carpet is covered under home and contents. Are you insured?

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