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    Trust Planning

    Have you ever asked yourself what you would think if…

    Trust Planning


    In the event of your death, your widow(er) remarries. As a result of their death, some or all of your estate passes to their new spouse and his/her children, reducing the amount your children benefit from in the event of your death, your widow(er) remarries. As a result of divorce, someone else gets to benefit from your inheritance
    your children marry but, as a result of divorce or bankruptcy, your intended inheritance is diluted


    At death, your children’s inheritance is reduced by “excessive” Inheritance Tax you and your spouse, have no children, but have a total estate of £1,000,000. After you both pass away, without planning, the government takes £140,000 in Inheritance Tax at second death.

    Ill health

    In the event of you needing long-term care, your estate is eroded and you leave less to your children

    Trust planning can protect your estate from all of the above, in your lifetime and in those of future generations. With our help, you can maximise your savings and enjoy long-term protection and peace of mind

    What can you expect?


    Looking after the important people in your life

    Peace of mind

    Knowing we are working to look after what matters to you most


    Our packages provide protection where you need it most

    Forward planning

    Putting your affairs in place now helps you in the future


    Getting the right package in place provides much needed security


    All our clients receive their own dedicated consultant and client relationship manager