MWise: The easy way to start your investment journey
MWise: The easy way to start your investment journey

MWise: The easy way to start your investment journey

We’ve combined our decades of experience in wealth management with modern technology to provide a simple and convenient way for you to invest at your fingertips.

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Start your MWise journey today

With 24/7 access, start with as little as a £500 lump sum (£250 for JISA), with optional regular investment from £50 a month direct debit. Open an ISA, Junior ISA or General Investment Account and invest in one of Mattioli Woods’ in-house funds best suited to your goals and attitude to risk.

MWise - Our clever new app
Our clever new app...

MWise helps you plan and track your investments. MWise lets you find suitable investments specially selected by our own investment team meaning your investments are in safe and expert hands.

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Why Mattioli Woods?

Mattioli Woods has been delivering peace of mind to our clients for over 30 years.  We have embedded all that experience into MWise.  We are not a technology company looking for a new market; we are an established wealth manager focused on delivering service excellence both in person and through technology.

MWise - Future focused and accessible
Future focused and accessible

Building on your vision and goals for your future. Benefiting from the experts at Mattioli Woods, you will have immediate access to your investments online or via a mobile device.  Your investment strategy will be aligned to your attitude to risk and your capacity to bear capital losses. You will also be able to choose between our actively managed funds.

MWise - Plan for the future
Plan for the future

Have a particular financial goal in mind?  MWise helps keep you on track and plan future investments.

We will only recommend investments that are suitable for you. You will be able to choose from our established Multi-Asset Funds, or our recently launched ‘passive’ Multi-Asset Funds. Both sets of funds invest in a range of global investments and asset classes, specifically chosen and managed by our in-house investment team and made available exclusively for clients of Mattioli Woods.

MWise - Step by step
Step by step

With MWise, you tell us about yourself, your experience with investments, and how you may feel if the value goes up or down. Then, based on your answers, we will recommend an investment portfolio that is suitable for you. If you decide to invest, MWise lets you see every day how your investment is performing.

Use the below calculator to get an estimate of your year one costs

*These charges only apply to 99.2% of the total investment amount as 0.8% is held as cash. 

[1] The MW management fee is charged for providing you with an online simplified advice service. It includes an investment services charge for the provision of investment services associated with the processing and servicing of investments and other costs incurred on behalf of clients. Pershing is paid an element of this charge for the services it provides including dealing, clearing, settlement, safe custody and other associated services. The actual figure paid to Pershing will be dependent on the aggregate value of assets held by Mattioli Woods’ clients with Pershing. A full breakdown of the services provided by Pershing and its respective costs is available on request. Mattioli Woods retains the balance of this fee after Pershing are paid. 

[2] This fee is paid to Mattioli Woods. It is for managing the multi-asset funds and passive multi-asset funds.

[3] This fee is paid to FundRock Partners Limited who are the Authorised Corporate Director (or ACD). FundRock Partners Limited provide the fund structure for our multi-asset funds. Mattioli Woods may retain an element of this charge.

[4] These are third party fund manager costs which are charged for the management of the underlying funds held within the multi-asset funds and the passive multi-asset funds.

[5] Outside of the interest earnt on cash within your portfolio, we retain interest at 3% applicable only to the 0.8% held as cash. The percentage figure within the table indicates the interest retained by us as a percentage of the total yearly amount entered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Investment Risk Warnings

Please note the following:  

  1. While the tax rules and rates that are used within any current recommendation to you are up to date, the rules and rates can change at any time. Mattioli Woods can accept no liability for any such changes and their potential effect on your plan. The value to you of any tax benefits will depend on your personal tax position at the relevant time. 
  2. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount invested. 
  3. Past performance is not an indication of future returns. 
  4. Investments need to be considered as medium to long term holdings. Certain funds can suffer from liquidity issues, such as property and certain more specialised equity funds: there may be an extended period when you cannot sell or redeem them. 
  5. Funds investing overseas may suffer from currency fluctuations, while overseas funds may suffer from geographical or geopolitical issues. 
  6. Inflation will erode the purchasing power of your money. 
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