A message from Michael Wright, Group Managing Director

The moment Boris Johnson issued his ‘stay at home’ directive it marked a point in history, one we will never forget. His address was simple and clear, with attention on the present and a clear focus on all our futures, making sure he let us all know ‘the way ahead is hard’. Indeed following his hospitalisation, we wish Mr Johnson and all others with this virus a full and speedy recovery, understanding that, very sadly for some, this will not be the reality.

Michael Wright
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
4 minutes
michael wright

Our Queen marked another point in history, thanking all those who are giving so much. She also acknowledged that ‘we still have more to endure’, looking further to when ‘better days will return’. On both occasions, I know that the first calls I made were to my own family, with a focus remaining on our Mattioli Woods family, clients and connections.

Mattioli Woods is fully operational thanks to the diligent work our teams have undertaken over the last few months. We have been proactive to ensure the need for minimal staff only in our offices – the vast majority are working from home. Our consultants, who are all working from home, are contacting all of our clients to provide advice where needed and above all reassurance that it is business as usual, while in a very unusual world.

As financial planners, we are always looking to the future and ordinarily in April we would be discussing with you the turn of the tax year and the renewal of the annual allowances. While your consultants are more than happy to review this position, we, like you, are considering all matters very carefully. It is of the greatest importance that we all have cash reserves. Indeed, for business owners, there are a number of options that can be considered to help with the unavoidable business disruption. In particular we are seeing huge numbers of businesses applying to the Business Interruption Loan Scheme. As you would expect there are delays in issuing these loans due to their high demand. Please contact your consultant if this is an area you need assistance with as they will be happy to discuss this and any other options with you.

In terms of the investment markets themselves, we recently gave the first of many planned webinars to ensure we are keeping in touch. The world of investments was covered and if you were unable to join us live, you can watch this again here. Please look out for future webinars later this month as we continue to cover the changing position around business stimulus and how business planning and personal wealth management can help in these challenging times.

Our focus is to continue to support you and keep you informed. As we all spend more time at home, we will ensure we are always visible and available.

If there is anything I or any of my colleagues across the country can do for you, please contact us as you would normally.

My very best wishes to you all and your families.

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